By | 19 October 2017

You will love this program if you know there is a cool feature hidden in Messenger Before you know the cool features hidden below, if my friend already have facebook messenger not in first uninstall

Do not know if in facebook messenger there are cool games that you can play with my friends chat? | If in facebook messenger there are cool games that you can play with friends chat, play Game In Facebook Messenger

Do not know yet | Play Game In Facebook Messenger

Do not know if in facebook messenger there are cool games that you can play with friends chat} Yes, this is one of the features recently added by facebook messenger developers.

There are 3 games you can play when chatting using Messenger:


All games are hidden. Can not be accessed directly by Messenger users. The game is played I will tell you all the ways. Please first update to the new version if you still use the old version of Messenger Because this feature is available only in the latest version of Messenger.

Download now if my friend does not have facebook Messenger If it is, now I’m going to tell you how to access all three games.

See below:

How to Play Chess Game in Messenger

Now, play chess does not have to face face to face. Play chess with friends that far away can.

Live download facebook messenger and looking for friends who want my friend invited to play chess. Send message @ fbchess play, then wait a while then the chessboard will appear and at that moment the chess game starts.


How to play chess on facebook messenger is not the same as the usual chess game.
You can not click or move it by hand. You have to use special commands to move the chess on the chessboard. For example, if you want to move the pawn in front of the queen for 1 step, then type @ fbchess Pd3 (P for pawn, d is the letter where the queen is, 3 is the number to move forward).

You can see numbers and letters next to the chessboard to determine the pawns command. If still not clear, you can get help by typing @ fbchess help then all special commands to move the pawn will appear.



How to Play Basketball Game in Messenger

The basketball game in the messenger is also hidden. But how to play this basketball game is not as difficult as playing the game chess earlier. If this one can use hand gestures. How to bring this game up, it’s easy. Just send a message emoji basketball to one friend buddy.

If already sent, click the basketball icon and wait a few seconds until the screen appears basketball and basketball. See image below:


If it appears like the picture above, my friend can play basketball game. This game is very simple. Just a lot of basketball into the ring. Who gets the most ball into the ring, he is the winner.


How to Play Soccer Game in Messenger

How to bring this game of football is the same as raising the game basketball earlier. It’s just emoji that is sent differently. If basketball, send emoji basketball. Well if football yes send emoji soccer ball to one friend buddy.

Press emoji ball that has been my friend sent it, then not long after the game football will appear.


How to play is also very simple. Buddy live press the ball icon then the ball will bounce upwards. The next job buddy is to keep the ball not to fall down by pressing the ball continuously.

The reality is easy but it is very difficult to keep the ball from falling down. In fact I just get a score of 8 when playing this game. Very embarrassing. All hidden games that exist in facebook messenger can be played for free.

So download Messenger now and play the game with your friends.

Voice Calls and Free Video Call


Maybe my friend did not know that facebook messenger is not just to send text messages but Messenger can also be used for voice calls and video calls. This feature will make it easier for my friend to connect with old friends. Although it can not meet directly, but my friend can see what their appearance now using video calls.

You can also leave a voicemail when a friend who you call can not answer.

Location Sharing


Not just text messages, video, or voice calls, Facebook Messenger can also be used to share the location you know. This feature is very powerful used to answer questions when my friend arrived late when the appointment with friends.

“Where are you too late?”

Well, if it was asked like that, just send the map location d