Why Your Android Can not Update OS to Latest Version

By | 19 October 2017

Even after waiting in a long time, OS update is not obtained by still not a bit of android. If it’s like this, who should be blamed? Google, manufacturer or others?

try to read first a number of reasons why android buddies are obliged to wait a long time to get the OS update, update is not the same or even obtained.

Google Preceded OS Update For Own Android OS

Android is an open-source platform, so developers and manufacturers are free to customize and create their own. This is why we have Android devices with various user-interfaces like ZenUI (owned by asus), Touchwich from samsung. Google also produces its own androidnya Google Nexus. It belongs to google which will first receive the latest version of OS update.

Remember, android is owned google so google is free to determine which devices will get OS updates first. Update the OS is not slow to get yes just buy android Google Nexus if my friend

Finished updating the device, constraint On Manufacturer

After google This is where manufacturers can access the source code and start making updates for their own android. Once over, which devices will be updated and which will not be decided by the manufacturer.

Updates obtained by the newly released android may be a top priority for. In order for happy and sales customers to increase, this is a game of producers Because the manufacturer might not give an OS update, for older android devices should be patient The main reason may be due to limited storage space.

Because indeed there is restoration of features and performance, the latest version of os require more storage space is not small than the old version, If you have to receive the latest version of the OS update, so will not be enough Update the latest version of the manufacturer also did not want if the product sales decreased just because android older

If the old android can get the OS update, why buy a new android version.

Manufacturers Conduct Soak Tests

The soak test means not to soak it in water … System stability and identifying bugs are ascertained that the wading test tests for. If it has proven successful, the manufacturer will launch an update over Over The Air (OTA), ie they will provide updates for all users through the software update page on their device.



Updating the device to the latest version is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Manufacturers require considerable time and cost to provide such firmware updates. Firmware that has been updated sometimes can not be viewed from OTA. Firmware that can only be updated online through the official website of the manufacturer android owned by my friend. So if the update is not available in OTA you can find it on the official website asus