Well! These 6 Most Wanted Android video editing applications

By | 19 October 2017

Despite being careful in taking video, there must be some unloved video parts. There may be people passing by or there is a big mistake that is not accidental. So that the video has been taken can look perfect, would want to quickly edited Well, the android video editing program that there is very little in the playstore can be used to overcome this friend.

Probably because so many, which video editing application is the best and which only have limited features found by my friend will be difficult. Because of that, by At least my friend will not be confused while looking for the best video editing program available in the playstore.

Take a look at the list of recommended best video editing apps for android that I’ve collected below:

1. Videoshow

If you want to get the best free video editing application and full feature, just download the videoshow. Besides not difficult to use, the quality of the video edits is also really good. Plus it can crop video duration as well. Steady anyway. The videoshow application is also suitable for making short movies. You can create videos by adding photos you have. Baground song can also be changed with a song you like.

Add stickers, pictures, gift, text, and any filters to further embellish the videos you create. The whole thing is done by not need to buy a paid video editing application for. Download only Videoshow at playstore, free.

2. Magisto


Editing videos is complicated and not everyone can do it. But with magisto my friend will not feel it when will edit the video. You do not have to be a professional video editor to make cool videos. Magisto will analyze your videos and photos and then connect them into a movie that will look professional.

With just 3 easy steps, choose videos and photos → Choose theme → Add a song, then click “create my movie”. It’s so cool video that can be shared directly to facebook or other social media.


3. VidStitch


Need an android video editing app for instagram? VidStitch is the right choice. This application can combine photos and videos into one very beautiful collage and allows my friend to share directly to Instagram with ease. In addition, my friend can also use the song of his own choice in the video.

There are 50 different collage frames that you can select. my friend can also adjust the frame width, color and even saturation as you pal.

4. AndroVid

This android video editing application is very simple but has many functions. There is a video joiner feature that can combine several video clips into one video. There is also a video transcoder that works to change the video resolution to be smaller.

You can also add video effects like slow motion, sepia, sketch, artistic, and more.

If you need a simple, efficient, and can do a lot of video editing apps, then androvid is the one you are looking for.

5. WeVideo


WeVideo is an android video editing app that has a simple and non-confusing interface. You can choose dozens of video themes already provided by WeVideo. Can use the theme of travel or wedding theme, it’s up to my friend choose what theme.

If the video is finished, you can save the video to the wevideo cloud server. Can be published or kept private. Because WeVideo cloud-based, so my friend can access the videos that have been edited earlier and wherever. No need to use the same gadget to access it.


6. Inshot


I see on instagram that a lot of people who upload videos funny. Well, if my friend also want to make a funny video like the one in instagram, just use inshot. This funny android video editing app can make your video edits more hilarious by adding funny text and emoji inside.

To share to instagram is also easy, do not need to crop video because inshot already has the feature of video fit for instagram so video will adjust the size automatically when in share to instagram. Fun … That’s some list of the best video editing apps on android.

Now you do not need to worry anymore thinking about videos that look less good. Just download one of the best android video editing app that I have recommended earlier. Edit-edit for a while, so cool video like you want.

If you have recommendations of other video editing apps, just say it. Later I will add in this list.