Tips Some Ways to Overcome HP Water Affected

By | 19 October 2017

Anything can be done by us will not be when in the position of airplane mode. While in the airplan mode, although not a few advantages that we can But … If it can not be used anything ya loss. Not fun!

Want fuel can not, facebookan can not, browsing also can not. If you turn off airplane mode, the battery runs out quickly, hot, cyberspace is not stable, surprised right?

Well, to overcome the confusion, I have a trick nih how to surf even though android is in airplane mode. Internet in airplane mode

Emang can ya? Can kok, triknya really easy. I’ve tried on my zenfone asus, and the results work 100%. With internetan airplane mode, cyberspace network become more stable because it is not disturbed by telephone network, SMS, or roaming.

You are willing to try? Follow how to surf on android using airplane mode below:
First, make sure the data or cyberspace connection is “ON”.
Next, turn on airplane mode.

Do a dial if you have selected, device information.

Means android pal not support with the dial code above if the menu option does not appear Solution, my friend can download this program.
Choose to turn on the radio when it comes to device information Certainly has been able, even if android is in airplane mode.

Internet in airplane mode

Easy way to do it?

But be careful yes …

Because the result can be fatal, do not change any setting other than turn on the radio earlier,

Finish internetan in airplane mode, and do not forget to restore as normal after buddy