This is The Easiest Way to Unlock Android Smartphone Forgot and Pattern

By | 19 October 2017

If we lock the android using a pattern or pin, that’s the advantage But … That way can also be a constraint. Android will not be opened if you forget the key Kaya now this ya, my friend must have forgotten Pattern android key pal and again wonder how to solve triknya trick android phone that forgot the key.

Actually the problem is very easy to overcome, just take it to the counter, clear deh.

But … there is a tape.

Buddy must be willing to spend money for benerin HP android pal. And usually HP android compulsory buddy in live first at least one day, can only be sorted out. And if you know how Within 5 minutes can be open. No need to pay, no need to wait a day let android can be used again.

Not difficult anyway.

If you know how Lha if you do not know how to wonder course.

“This is what to do to get it right?”

Therefore, in this article I will provide an exclusive tutorial on how to open android tricks that forget passwords, pins, or patterns with a number of steps is not difficult.

Let’s start …!!!
Tips for Opening our Android Forgot Password, PIN, Pattern, or Pattern

1. Use Features Forgot Password

This is the easiest way.

But …. If you want to use these steps, there are some things that must be considered

Android must be connected to the virtual world.
Remember the Gmail account used by the locked android earlier.
Just to forget Patterns.

Continue reading how to unlock android that forgets this key if all the requirements have been met but if not, just skip to the second way. Remember yes … Just for the android who forgot the pattern. The password forgot feature also will not stick straight out. You should try the pattern five times, the new feature appears.


Gratitude-gratitude if fitting trial and error before there is a true Pattern, so my friend will not be bothered again take care of the android phone that forgot the key. If nothing is right, my friend just click “Forgot Pattern” in the bottom right. After that enter the Gmail account used to login on the android.


So automatically the key will open and android pal can be used again if the email you enter right After that do not forget to disable key Pattern android pal.

It’s easy, right?
2. Making Calls From Other HP

The second way can be done if you forget the Gmail account used by android that was locked That all you need to do is borrow HP friends, relatives, or anyone can, crucial that my friend can make calls with hp it.
If you can, try to make calls from other HP to your locked android friend.
Lift the phone. And remember ,, !! Do not shut down.

Then press the “HOME” button. Do not close the setting, then disable the android key pal.


This way I have tried it myself, and has proven successful. But, if my friend is still having trouble opening android locked buddy, try the third steps.
3. Use Android Device Manager

Android device manager is usually used to find android smartphone that disappeared by knowing the last location of the android. But it turns out its function is not only that, android device manager can also be used to unlock android that is locked. Way, my friend just go to the android device manager link. Make sure you sign in using the google account used by android that is locked.

Buddy can enter using HP’s best friend or via computer also can. After entering, android device manager will automatically detect the existence of android pal.
Refresh continues until it is detected if its examples android is not easy to detect

Buddy can click the lock option that is underneath when it appears tuh android


After that you are prompted to enter a new password. It functions to replace passwords, PINs, or patterns you forget.


If you have entered your password, click lock or lock. Wait a while until android device manager finished reset the password.

When finished, now try android and open your friend using a new password that has been my friend earlier, would be open tuh androidnya.
4. Use Samsung Find My Mobile

If this is the same function with android device manager. But this feature only exist in samsung smartphone. So for samsung users can take advantage of features samsung find my mobile is. But remember, this feature only works if previously my friend has registered android using samsung account.

To use it, click the link samsung find my mobile. Next login using a samsung account that you have made before.



Now just click “Unlock my screen” on the left.

Wait a few moments, then try to open android pal.

It should be android who forgot the key was immediately open. But if still not open too, try how to open android yang te