There are 7 Headsets, Earphones, and Most Headphones For Music Lovers

By | 19 October 2017

In order to get the audio quality can be very concrete, therefore music lovers must choose the best headset

“I do not know what the best headset, earphone or headphones are, how do you pick them?”

Relax, that’s why this article was created. earphones, music listened or best for headphones. Before that determine first headphones or earphones like what will my friend choose, however

Wired (Wireless) or Wireless (Wired) Headphones

Headset or earphone can connect to smartphone with 2 steps that pass 3.5mm cable like in general or via bluetooth (Depending on model of earphonenya like what). If price constraints, cable earphones are cheaper than bluetooth earphones. The only cable is only 100 thousand, if the bluetooth can triple it. Bluetooth Earphone also must be in charge first if you want to use a little complicated indeed, but also more simple because my friend does not need to use a cable to connect to the smartphone.

Currently it’s up to my friend to choose which one. Headset cable or bluetooth both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Headset, Headphones, and Best Earphones For Smartphones

Actually, whether or not it depends on the rate. Manufacturers engaged in the field of audio is quite a bit, the best for consumers want to be given by them for sure. headset products, user satisfied headphones or earphones made in the design. But … If you have to choose the best and also cheap, this is the best headset, headphone and earphone recommendation that you can choose.

1. Sennheiser HD 202-II

For a friend who likes to listen to music with a bass sound that kick, Sennheiser HD 202-II could be an option. The best headphones are priced at 300ribuan only. Although the price is cheap but his voice is not cheap. As I said earlier, sennheiser HD 202 is very dominant in its bass sound, but the treble sound is also pretty good and can be enjoyed. No wonder if many people are wearing this Headset. For the design problem is also pretty cool. But, there unfortunately …

… Materials earcup used can not absorb water, so if used in hot weather and not air-conditioned must be wet with sweat. For a relatively cheap price, I think it does not matter.

If interested want to buy these best headphones, my friend can buy online at Lazada.

2. Sennheiser Momentum In Ear

It’s the same as sennheiser but this is different type and type. Sennheiser momentum in ear type of earphone, smaller and easy to carry. So if my friend does not like that type of headphones, my friend can select the best earphone from this sennheiser. What’s interesting about these earphones lies in the cool and elegant design. Housing earphones are made of high quality plastic. While on the back there is a metal material that makes it look more cool.

Audio quality hell no doubt. All sennheiser products are known to have a sound signature that emphasizes bass but still pay attention to the clarity of sound produced. No wonder that the price is set to get sennheiser momentum in ear is quite high at around 1.7 million rupiah. medicine can get the best earphone for this smartphone in Lazada.

3. AKG K242 HD


Want to listen to music like in live concert? Try using the best headset from this AKG. The sound produced headphones is very echoing, treble sounds very clear and may be spelled out perfect. Especially If used to listen to rock music, jazz and classical music is very tasty and powerfull. Solid design and light frame make this stereo headphones very comfortable if used in a long time.

Prices do not ever lie. Enough with 1.6 million rupiah only, my friend was able to get the best headseat from this AKG. You can buy it at Lazada.

Skullcandy Grind

For buddy who has a low budget but want a headset with the best sound quality, Skullcandy Grind could be an option. This best headset is very affordable, just 750ribuan. With the price segitu usually offered a very mediocre specifications, but skulcandy grind is not. Precisely This headset gives a headband made of metal instead of plastic like most headsets.

Skulcandy also has a microphone on the left so you can easily listen to music or make phone calls using this headset. If you want to buy it online, just visit Lazada.

5. Sony MDR-ZX770BT

Hear music more fun by using sony MDR-ZX770BT. All sony brand products are already famous for their good quality, including these headphones. Sony equips MDR-ZX770BT with sharp, clean and audio quality