There are 6 Free and Best Video Call Applications On Android

By | 19 October 2017

Video call done buddy just need one smartphone that has a front camera and a program for. Free video call applications such as faceTime is already embedded in it if my friend use Iphone If android, different again you must first search a program in google play that can be used for free video calls.

Because there are a lot of video call applications available there, but do not worry, it’s easy to find a video call program on google play

However, if my friend is lazy to find and want an instant paced, I have 6 recommendations free and best video calling program for android.


Line is one of the most popular messenger programs and has more than 600 million users worldwide. This app is also available for all platforms like android, iOS, Windows phone and blackberry. Formerly, line is just an application for chatting alone but this program can now be used for video call free.

So, in addition to features a nice sticker when used for chatting, my friend can also make video calls with friends not far using the application Line.

2. Tango

Buddy may still be familiar with this android video call app. Yes, tango is less popular than other applications. But for the video call issue, tango jagonya. This android video call program is quite light compared to its competitors Chatting group can be done let alone us to fifty friends at once.

Wow, definitely exclaimed tuh. If you have to chat with people as much, just a little complicated Tango can be used in smartphones or tablets. The person to the contact list will be entered by tango automatically if there is a friend who uses tango pal

Want to know more about Tango?

Download now on Playstore.

3. Skype

Who try who does not know Skype? Skype is known as one of the best video calling programs on android. The quality of the sounds and images produced by skype is so clear that many people love this program. Skype also supports HD quality video calls. So, do not hesitate to use skype.

You can also post photos, videos and archives using the Skype app. Previously, skype can only be used in windows only. But now it can be used for all gadgets, Skype can be used even on smart TV too.

4. Hangouts

Android users must have hangouts apps. How not, Google-made app is indeed already embedded by default in android. So why not use? Not sure if hangouts can be used for video calls?

Hangouts can be used for video calls can even call groups up to 10 people you know. Buddy can also make voice calls with hangouts. No need to sign up to use hangouts because hangouts are already integrated with your google account.

So, it will be easier to use this application than other video call applications.

5. OoVoo

Oovoo arguably an alternative video call app besides Skype. Even oovoo is arguably better than skype because recently the oovoo app got the award for being the best social community app. Oovoo can be used for group video calls up to 12 people.

OoVoo is available for all platforms such as Mac, PC, Android, iOS, Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone.

6. Facebook Messenger

This is an app that I use often for free video calls. I like to use this app because it is easy to use. Anyone our friends on facebook can be contacted via messenger. Just find a friend you want to contact and click the video button to start the video call.

You can use your front or back camera during video calls using Messenger.

Actually there are many reasons why you should install messenger in android pal, not only because its video call feature is good but many things are hidden in facebook messenger that may not buddy know. If you want to know what is special in facebook messenger, please download now on google play.

Well, that’s some recommendations for free and best video call applications on android.

Which friend would you like to choose? My advice, if you want to use video calls, better see first android spec. Make sure you have a front camera with pixels high enough to get a satisfactory video call experience.

Also make sure the internet connection on your android pal quickly and stable. If the connection is slow, it could be a picture and sound will be intermittent. If all is confirmed “OK”, just download one of the free video call applications above and use to contact buddy now.