There are 5 Fastest, Best, and Most Lightest Browsers for Android 2017

By | 19 October 2017

Although notabene, android smartphone has also been equipped with the default browser. But not all people like the default browser android. Many reasons. Some feel the browser is heavy when in use, lemot, or features less good. The default browser android replaced by a result many people are looking for the best alternative browser that can be used for.

Everyone certainly has different criteria when trying to find the best android browser.
Some want a browser with a speed not low, some want the lightest browser, there is also a browser that can save the use of data. Well, here are five best android browser recommendations with a variety of features that you can try.

Let’s see the list:

1. UC Browser

The fastest and lightest browser you should try is a UC Browser. That UC browser is the fastest browser ever mentioned mentioned by this very popular browser in playstore with 100 million downloads and 7 million reviews. Wow cool right? Many features are owned by UC browser such as data saving feature, night mode and motion control. 1 more feature that is liked by many people is the block feature ads.

I’m sure my friend would hate advertising. This browser is used because that’s my compulsory friend. You will no longer see annoying ads while browsing using the UC browser. UC browser display is cool and the theme can be changed according to taste, the best browser is used to make my friend will not be bored. So, UC browser is used by do not hesitate anymore for.

Download now in Googleplay.


2. Operamini


Before the advent of android, operamini has been around for many years and then unique features that do not have other android browser added the best browser is always doing updates for.
A number of unique features, Speed ​​Dial which allows you to save your favorite sites with no slow in the home page operamini, save data feature, and user interface that looks really good both in smartphones and tablets.

Operamini also has a very high data compression feature, operamini used by so you can save the usage of several MB of data while browsing. Operamini used buddy can also save data when viewing video. In order to save data, even the video that my friend watch in operamini already in compress in such a way Want to use this browser?

You can download for free on the playstore.

3. Flyperlink

If my friend likes to browse and play other programs simultaneously, my friend must use Flyperlink browser. Flyperlink is the best browser for multitasking. Flyperlink will always stick out in the screen android pal shaped icon is not big floating circle. When you open facebook or other applications, flyperlink icon will not be lost. He will always be on the screen android pal. So, when my friend wants to do the browsing activity, just press the icon and flyperlink ready to use browsing anytime.

4. Because of its lightest browser for android, aPUS Browser

In the past, APUS is known for its launcher is very amazing but currently APU known browser size is only 1.6 MB only. If other browsers may be tens of MB of size. But even though the size is slim, the apus has a feature that is not less great when compared with a browser that size gede.Gambar sticking while browsing to save a number of MB data can be disabled by my friend. In addition, APUS also has a minimalist home appearance and easy to customize. Browser free, best, simple and minimalis yes APUS browser. 5. Dolphin Browser


As a complement to the best and fastest browser on android, I recommend the dolphin browser.
I like this browser because it is very fast when in use browsing and also there is a feature ads block that is not owned by all android browser. Dolphin browsers can also hear your pal to find, save your favorite links and web navigation without typing. This is the sonar feature that is rely on by Dolphin browser.

With all the features there is just right if the dolphin browser claims to be the best browser for android If you also think Dolphin is the best browser, just download directly on the playstore.

That’s the five best, fastest and lightest browser apps for android that you should try.

Only live buddy select, which browser you want. Everything can be downloaded for free on the playstore. UC Browser is still used by if I still to this day.

Buddy want to use which browser?