There are 4 Memory Microsd Card Most Best and Fastest in the Market

By | 19 October 2017

If you buy a microsd card at random, that’s the result

Hence, if you are willing to buy a microsd card must be considered first where the best microsd card and which are not. Do not be interested in the cheap price because the cheap price does not guarantee good quality. Better to buy a proven Microsd card. Although the price is rather expensive, it’s okay. Rather than the cheap price but damaged continue, it’s the same buddy must spend money again to buy a new one. There is not much advice from me for my friend.

Tips for Choosing the Best Microsd Card

Before you know some of the best brands of microsd cards, you should know first tips on choosing a good microsd for your smartphone. Indeed Microsd card that looks the same shape but actually his class is different. Just buy it does not see the class first, at most Class here does not mean microsd specified for high-end mobile phones but class in microsd is a standard used to determine the range of speed of creat and write (read and write) data on microsd.

So, the higher the value of the class is not slow also smartphones in accessing data on the microsd card. Microsd has four different types of classes that are class 2, 4, six and 10. But now there is more not slower than a class that is UHS (Ultra High Speed), the speed of reading and writing data can reach 30MB / s. Such is very fast compared to class 10 which only have speed up to 10MB / s.

To distinguish between class and UHS, my friend can see the surface of his microsd. If there is a letter C with numbers 2, 4, 6 or ten in the middle it means that type class. Well, if the surface looks U characters with numbers 1 or three means it’s UHS.


Buddy just choose to be willing to buy which one. Try to buy a minimum of class 10 for data transfer can be faster. In addition to class, note also between SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) and SDXC (Secure Digital Extended Capacity). The striking difference between the two is in terms of its capacity. SDHC is a type of microsd with a capacity of 2GB up to 32GB. While for SDXC has a capacity of 32GB to 2TB. Now back again, how big the microsd slot that can be supported by your smartphone buddy.

If the phone is low-end usually only support up to 16GB only. Means that buddy need is micro SDHC. Do not buy the SDXC will not be used in your smartphone. Kan dear, have bought but no smartphone support. When my friend will buy microsd, there are some tips to be paid attention to The point, just adjust the needs.

The Best and Fastest MicroSD Card Brand

I think my friend already know tips on choosing a good microsd card like what. Currently you should know the best microsd brands sold in the market let my friend more easily choose the microsd that will be used.

See the list below:

1. SanDisk


This is the most popular microsd card brand in the market. There are so many people who use this microsd from SanDisk. Well, maybe because this SanDisk brand microsd is good and its speed can reach 80MB / s. In addition, storage capacity variation is also quite a lot. Ranging from 8GB to 200GB. Well cool yes, anyone can store data up to 200GB just with microsd that small.

Another advantage of microsd sandisk is that it can withstand extreme temperatures and weather, resistant X-rays, and also resistance to magnets. Microsd from SanDisk is suitable for android, tablet, and also the camera. For the problem of varied prices depending on the capacity.

See the price list of Microsd SanDisk below:

SanDisk Ultra 8 GB Class 10: Rp. 61,000
SanDisk Ultra 16 GB Class 10: Rp. 67.000, –
SanDisk Ultra 16 GB UHS-1: Rp. 129.000, –
SanDisk Ultra 32 GB Class 10: Rp.135.000, –
SanDisk Extreme 64 GB UHS-3: Rp.370.000, –
SanDisk Ultra 128 GB UHS-1: Rp.685.000, –

Price list microsd sandisk above I take from Lazada as a trusted online store in Indonesia. If sob

2. Samsung EVO Plus


If you have a smartphone with a samsung brand, this means that microsd is suitable for your smartphone. Although microsd from samsung is rarely heard but the quality is not inferior to other brand microsd. Samsung EVO Plus is perfect for recording full HD video with read and write speeds reaching 80MB / s. With such speed, loading applications and transferring files will feel faster.

If the resilience problem is almost the same as the sandisk sandstone brand. Samsung EVO Plus can last up to 24 hours in seawater, and can also survive in temperatures -25 ° to 85 ° celsius. Other microsd brands may have been damaged if they had to withstand such cold and hot temperatures.

If my friend is interested to buy microsd samsung EVO Plus, see the first list of prices brought