There are 2 Simplest Ways To Make HP Android As A WI-FI Modem

By | 19 October 2017

Yeah right, I’m not kidding. If my friend has android, it means lucky friend. Willing to surf on PC or notebook do not need to buy a modem with the price of hundreds of thousands of dollars, just use it android pal as a modem.

Not hard, practical and not complicated.

But the thing is, android as a modem in his PC is used by a small number of people who know how. Even my own initially did not know if android can be made in PC modem Starting from trial and error, as a result I know the trick using android as a modem. Well, for my friend who still do not know the steps to make android as a modem, I have made this rule exclusive to my friend.

Before we start first prepare all the requirements below:

-Android phone that is equipped with wifi hotspot.
-Internet quota or unlimited package.

That’s it. Why am I suggesting using a virtual world package? Actually without internetpun package my friend can still surf in cyberspace using pulse, but can run out hundreds of thousands if that way. Because internetan using PC and HP is different. More data than HP can be spent on pC or laptop. Data will be compressed in advance while through the PC not if through HP

Before making your android phone as a modem, my friend to have internet package first suggested by that is why I If both conditions that have been filled, android as modem made there are 2 ways you can use for.

We first discuss first.

1. Steps Make HP Android As Modem Using WIFI Hotspot

This is known as the easiest way you can use to make android as a modem. Stay live activate wifi hotspot is in android pal and after that connect with WI-FI in PC or notebook buddy.

For a more detailed way see below:

-Don’t forget to make sure your PC or laptop is equipped with Wi-Fi.

-Next, activate Portable Hotspot on your android by going to Settings → Other → Select Thetering & Hotspot WI-FI portable → Then activate portable WIFI.

Android so wifi modem
The setting on each android is different so my friend can find his own settings in the settings menu.

Then click first if you want a WIFI network that you will use can not be accessed by others There you can set a password for the security of WI-FI network that would buddy use.

Android so modem

-Next, activate your mobile data network.

Currently just connect the WIFI network to a computer or laptop if it has Enable WIFI on your computer, wait until the wifi network detected from android pal.

-If it is detected, click Connect and enter the wifi password that has buddy settings earlier.

with the steps above, the WIFI network utilized android pal is now able to be used as a laptop or PC modem only with. But there is one problem again, not all computers or notebooks equipped with wifi. Modem to access the cyber world there are a number of devices that are free.

Android as a modem made how if the computer we have no WIFI network Easy, my friend can follow the second steps below:

2. If your computer is not equipped with wifi, this is a solution that you can use Android as a modem can be used with a USB friend or data cable.

Try to follow the steps below:

-Connect HP Android to your computer or laptop via USB.

-If my new friend first used it, usually in the buddy must to install USB drivers first so that android can be connected with a Laptop or PC.
-Pat can Searching on google with keyword: USB driver for “Android brand buddy”.
-If you have met, download and install the USB driver on your Laptop or computer pal.
-Now, go to Settings → Choose More → Select Tether & Hotspot WIFI portable → Next turn on USB tethering and portable wifi Hotspot.
-Live also your android data connection pal.
Note: Settings in each android vary, so you can find your own wifi hotspot settings in android pal.
The last step, click the signal icon on your laptop or computer pal, located on the bottom of your own right. See if android buddy is connected or not. Just click if it’s connected

{Connect android to pc

Up here, my friend has successfully used android as a modem computer or notebook. | Connect android to pc

Up here, android as a modem computer or notebook used my friend has been successful.}