The Powerful Way to Save Battery While Playing Pokemon Go Game

By | 19 October 2017

Smartphones we work hard required by these games because of this. All battery sucking components are illuminated, such as GPS, Camera, GPU (grapic processor unit), Cyber ​​Connection, Vibration system. This is what makes this Go pokemon game very wasteful battery. If you are willing to catch pokemon the screen must always be on, especially if it has gini so confused. Play Pokemon Go android battery quickly runs out, otherwise play pokemon game Go miss the trend. I can continue playing the game Pokemon Go but the battery can remain economical and not run out quickly, how the trick

This is what you should do if my friend has been annoyed because the smartphone mate died when used to play Pokemon Go. Buddy can read how to play pokemon game Go on asus zenfone if android pal asus zenfone and can not be used to play pokemon go


Enable Battery Saving Mode In Pokemon Go


This game is actually already equipped with battery saving mode (battery saver) by the developer. You live just enable it if you want to save battery when playing pokemon game Go this time economical mode of battery in activate, smartphone screen will die when my friend holds android pal in reverse. But even though the screen is dead, my friend can still get the vibration notification when there is pokemon in not far away. That’s the special battery saver in the Pokemon Go game.


To activate it, just press the Pokeball icon → then click the settings on the top → and check the battery saver.



Turn off Features Augment Reality (AR)

Features augment reality in this game is very cool because it can make this pokemon game like real. But, Augment reality will make camera applications continue to burn, this is what will make the smartphone battery run out quickly when playing pokemon game Go.

For that, just turn off this feature so that the battery becomes more efficient.

In addition, if my friend turned off the reality augment feature, Pokemon will capture the pal will look more clear because the game background will look more simple, so it is easier to catch his pokemon.


Left with AR, right without AR
The AR feature is located on the top right. Just click it if you want to turn it off.

Turn Off Music And Sound Effects

Playing games without music and sound effects seems less fun. But, turning off music can also save battery life while playing Pokemon Go games, although the effect is not so great. If I do prefer to play games without sound because maybe the sound will disturb people around me.

So, depending on my friend want to play game without sound or with voice. All game players must have their own judgment about the use of sound in a game.

Use Google Maps Offline


Pokemon Go game using google maps to find out where your location is.

When you walk outside to search for pokemon, maps will automatically sync your location continuously. This is what causes this Pokemon game wasteful battery. To fix this, my friend can use google maps offline.

Why, can google maps be used offline?

Try reading how to use google maps offline.

Live buddy download the location that often my friend use to hunt pokemon. That way, the maps will stop syncing automatically and will make the battery last longer (frugal) when playing pokemon game go.

Use Power Bank

If all the ways to save battery when playing Pokemon Go game is still less effective, use powerbank. Powerbank can be used to charge the battery when it is low. If my friend is very obsessed with this Go pokemon game, it would not hurt to buy a minimum 20.000mAh powerbank to extend the life of your battery. If the battery last longer means more pokemon that will get my friend.

But be careful if you want to buy powerbank, not to be mistaken. Because many powerbank abal-abal out there that offer low prices but the quality is very bad. To avoid this, my friend can read some of the best powerbank brand recommendations.

Those are some ways to save battery while playing Pokemon Go game that can be your friend try.

Actually I’ve written down how to save android battery more complete in the previous article. You can read it if you want. Well, if my friend has another way to save battery when playing pokemon game Go, my friend can comment in the box that has been provided.