The Most Easy Way to Make Money Hundreds of Thousand Up To Millions Of Rupiah From Smartphones

By | 19 October 2017

Smartphones are sophisticated mobile phones, can facilitate you and our entire task. Especially if used to generate funds, of course can.

If you have a smartphone do not just make facebookan, so

How can it be?

Funds through smartphones generated by there are not a few things you can do for. Everything I will discuss here. Additional money to buy a pulse or virtual world package can be obtained after reading this article you can certainly generate a lot of funds through a smartphone or at least.

Make Smartphone a Money Field

Price smartphones are expensive, if we can not use it to make money, loss.
Not to mention the costs incurred to buy credit, internet packages, and accessories, well … added not a little harm. Because of that, by

Make the smartphone a money field by following a number of steps below:

1. Selling Online

Currently again the era of selling online. Take a look at BBM, facebook or other social media, a lot of people who sell online. Just a capital display photo and plus a little word “For Sale” has not a little tuh who queued to buy. very Not difficult right?

No need to have a shop if you want to sell online can sell and make a lot of money. Perhaps my friend thought, “What do I need to sell? I do not have the capital to start selling online”.

Because this time really not a few marketplaces that have provided Dropshipping system, calmly, my friend is not required to have the capital to start selling online

Dropshipping? What is it?


Dropship that means selling without having inventory. The term is easy, we sell the property of others. So, my friend does not need to have capital to start selling online. Later if there are people who want to buy goods from my friend, just contact the supplier of the goods provider earlier. Those who will deliver the order goods to the consumer. Buddy does not need to do anything, the task buddy just as a liaison. You can set your own selling price to make a profit. Delicious right?

To be able to start selling with dropship system, you have to register first in the marketplace provider dropshipping. One of the marketplace that you can use is is a marketplace provider of dropship systems that have thousands of products ready for sale. By registering there, my friend has an advantage over. In addition to selling thousands of products without having stock, my friend will also get special training to be successful in selling online.

Wow, fortunately double.

There is still another advantage you will get when you become a dropshipper in cakning, which is a level system that applies to seller (seller / dropshipper).

What does that level system mean?

So gini, cering Seller Level is an exclusive feature developed by the system by differentiating Seller into 5 levels. Each level has a product price difference. The higher your level, the cheaper the price you get.

For example: If my friend is at level 1, HP android price 1juta rupiah. Well, different again if my friend is in level 2, the price of HP android can be 750ribu. Cheaper than the previous price. That’s a bit of an example.

If my friend becomes a dropshipper and sells HP to other people, the more my buddy will be more because my friend has got a cheaper price than the normal price.

I am now at Level 2, the price I get is actually cheaper than its normal price.


To increase the level of seller cakning, my friend must have many klepon.

Moreover tuh, how come klepon term?

Klepon is a value that can be exchanged to raise the level in Cakning. For example like this:

… To rise to level 2 required 500 klepon. Apparently my friend already has 600 klepon. Means my friend was able to exchange 600 klepon earlier to rise to level 2. That explanation simplenya.

So, if you have a lot of klepon, my friend can raise seller level quickly. Klepon can be obtained by being an active seller in Cakning or buy klepon directly by using a piggy bud.

The point is, if you want to raise the level and do not want to wait long, my friend can buy klepon in cakning at a price that has been determined. After that, get the benefits of a level system that has been specifically designed by

Interested? Please sign up to be a dropshipper at

Already, do not think much. Make your smartphone as a means of making money by selling online now.

2. There’s Easier Again, Use Moneymaking Application


Is there a money-generating application?

There is. There are many even, especially for android smartphone. This money-generating application is usually called the Micro tasking app. So, in the app