The Most Easy Way To Download Photos And Videos With Instagram Without Using Applications

By | 19 October 2017

But the problem is, instagram does not allow us to download photos or videos in the application. I do not know what the reason is. Probably because of privacy, protecting copyright, or it could be because instagram prefers its users to view photos and videos in its app instead of them downloading and viewing it outside the instagram app.

When we look at photos or videos on instagram, there are only 3 menu options provided:

So how to download photos and videos on instagram if not in the download menu? There is a way to download instagram photos and videos. The trick is very easy, and not complicated.

You can take advantage of third-party applications to download it, or without using the application can also. Well, in this article I will provide guidance on how to download instagram photos and videos with apps or without apps.

Let’s discuss one by one of the two ways.

How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos Using Applications

Although Instagram does not provide a photo download menu in its application, but there are many third party applications that can be used to download photos and videos on instagram.

I’ve tried some of those apps. And the easiest to use is Instasave application.

Instasave has been downloaded more than 5 million times by instagram users.

Although there are some ads that appear inside the app, but this app is very nice and easy if used to download instagram photos and videos.

Buddy just download the application and follow the instructions of its use below:

Download instasave in playstore or here
Install and open the application instasave, will display the image as shown below.


Just live select “Open instagram” and search for photos or videos you want to download.
Then click menu, then select copy URL


Go back to the instasave application and paste the URL of the photo or video you want to download earlier in the place that has been provided. Then click “Save”
Wait a few moments, it will appear a preview of the photos or videos that will be downloaded.


My friend just click the download and finish button, photos or video instagram was already stored in your smartphone gallery.


It’s easy, download instagram photos or videos using the instasave app.

But if my friend does not like to use this application, my friend can use the next way.

How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos Without Using the Application

There is a site that can be used to download all videos, whether it’s from instagram, youtube, Vimeo or other video providers sites.

Well, this site we will use to download instagram video.

This site is called Savedeo.

How it works almost the same as the instasave earlier, that is only need to enter the URL of the video you want to download to Savedeo friend.

But Savedeo can only be used for video downloads only.

To download photos can not.

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So if you want to download instagram videos without using the application, just use savedeo.

The trick is easy, my friend just copy the URL of the instagram video you want to download. After that go to site and paste the URL in place that has been provided.


Then my friend can download the video you want buddy earlier.

This is simpler than downloading instagram videos using apps.

It does not take long, the video is already stored in your smartphone gallery.

Now select live buddy, where to download photos or instagram videos that according to my friend the easiest.

Then, my friend can try now and do not forget to share this article to my friends who want to download photos or video instagram but do not know how.