Start Now We Can Play Solitaire Games and tic-tac-toe Directly on Google Search

By | 19 October 2017

So, my current buddy can play Solitaire and Tic-Tac-Toe directly in Google search results.
No need to be surprised, Google is like that always provide the latest innovations for its users.

Pac-Man game in its search engine added by years later just google. Now turn tic tac toe and solitaire that can be played directly through google search. Then, how the steps to play both games?

Buddy stay type if you want to play solitaire game in google search buddy just click “Tap To Play” to directly play the solitaire game.

But there is one thing you should know. When entering the word “Solitaire” in google search, it turns out the game can not appear by itself on the front page of google. Buddy must change search results to English first new solitaire game will appear on the front page of Google search.

For whatever reason, there may be a mistake or indeed made like that with Google, I do not know.

To be sure, after you change the search results to English and type the word, the legendary solitaire game will appear and can be played for free without having to download first. For how to play the game tic-tac-toe in google search is also the same as how to play solitaire earlier.

Just type the word “tic tac toe” then automatically the game will appear on the front page of Google search results.

Buddy can play the game alone or it could be with friends buddy. There are 3 levels of levels in this game that is easy, medium, and difficult. If you select an easy level, you can be sure you will win. But, if you choose a difficult level I guarantee my friend will not win, at best yes draw.

Try to prove it yourself if you do not believe it.

Both games can be played through a computer or smartphone (can be android, IOS and others).

Step Google gives access to the game on this search engine is quite good, because indirectly Google invites people to always use the product without having to involve a third party (game site or game application).