Some Of The Most Powerful Ways To Strengthen And Boost Android Signals Weak

By | 19 October 2017

Steps to Strengthen the Signal

Actually, the signal problem depends on the device and provider used. The device is good but the provider used has a weak network yes the same, the signal will also be weak.
Vice versa …

… So, both components must be equally good to be able to get a strong signal.

If both components have been good but the signal is still weak, how Well loh, what to do? Do not worry, there are some tips you can do to strengthen the signal on your android phone.

1. Re-enable Android Phone

The signals on my android phone are often lost all of a sudden. Whereas before okay.
After waiting some time, the signal is still weak and can not go back as before. Finally I try to re-enable my android phone. “Wow” turned out the signal became strong again as usual. How come?

Here’s a little explanation …

… When the phone is restarted, all previously captured networks will be disconnected automatically and the phone will search for a new network that is more powerful than before. That is the reason why when the phone is re-enabled, the network will reappear as before. So when your android buddy’s signal is weak all of a sudden and for no apparent reason, try reactivating it so the signal can be strong again.
Or you can also use the airplan mode feature. Its function is almost the same as re-activate earlier.

2. Set to the Right Network Mode

In android, there are several network modes available, namely:

GSM only
Random between GSM, WCDMA / HSDPA
LTE only

In order for the android signal remains strong, my friend should be able to choose the available network in the area where you live. If my friend network settings to LTE only but it turns out in the area where you live does not support the network, then the signal will be weak not even appear at all. So in conclusion, choose the right network mode to get the strongest signal in your area. This method is actually almost the same as how to speed up internet connection in android.

3. Move to a High Place

My house is 2nd floor. When I was downstairs, the signal on my android was very weak. But when I moved upstairs, the full signal was full. This indicates that the high places have better signal coverage than in low places. But it can not be concluded that way. The existence of the tower network also greatly affect the signal strength. Despite the high ground, if away from the same network tower, the signal would be weak.

In essence, moving to a high place is great for strengthening your android signals, but with a note there is at least one network tower in your neighborhood.

4. Replace Devices and Providers

This is how to amplify the android signals I’ve discussed above. Not all android phones have good modem signal reception hardware. Cheap phones usually use a mediocre hardware. If my friend often loses signal wherever my friend is …

… Want in the village or in the city, the signal remains weak, meaning there is a problem with the signal modem hardware in your android phone. If this, it can not be done anymore. You must change your android phone if you want to have a strong signal. For provider issues, first analyze which providers can include better networks in your area. Sometimes this provider has a strong signal, but can also use the provider’s signal is weak.

So, first analysis where the right provider for network in your area. After that, you can specify the provider with the strongest signal you will use.

6. Use Signal Amplifier Stickers


OK, if you do not want to change your phone or provider, no problem. You can use how to strengthen this last android signal. Using signal booster stickers does not seem to make sense. Where can stickers be used to strengthen the signal. Initially I also think like that, but after seeing how it works I was sure if the sticker was indeed able to strengthen the signal.

This is not a sticker as it is sold on the stre …

… This signal booster sticker is different, the material is made of thin metal whose function is similar to the external antenna of the phone. So, when taped behind the phone, this sticker will help catch signals that can not be reached by the phone. As a result of android mobile phone signals will grow stronger after the signal attached sticker attached earlier. If my friend intends to buy signal amplifier sticker android, prepare first money about 25ribu rupiah to be able to get it.

You can buy it online at Lazada.

Well, that’s some way to enrich