Some of the Most Easy Ways to Send Secret Messages Using BBM For Android

By | 19 October 2017

What are Timed Messages? Interpreting the Periodic Message is a message to be sent based on a predetermined time. So it’s like sending a delay message.

But I was wrong. Timed Messages are not like that.

We send one message that will expire and be deleted made possible by the advanced features in the BBM after being read by the recipient. After that erased from the history of chat, so can only read once Like a secret message so deh. The length of time it takes to make the message vanish from the chat history can be determined by your friend. Minimum 1 sec, maximum 60 sec. So that the recipient more freely read the message, so, if you send a secret message that is not short enough, use a long time duration as well

You must use this Messages feature if you want to chat about something that is important and do not want to be known by others.

How to Send a Secret Message Using BBM

In my neighborhood, of course there are tuh people who want to know any problems my friend. The term is now Kepo. If we do not tell the person who Kepo is, chances are they will see all the private messages we send to know what our secret is.

Well, the solution you can send a secret message using BBM for android application.

So, no matter how much of a secret message your buddy sends, the person whose pitch was not going to be able to figure it out.

Here’s how to send a secret message using BBM:

Because in the old version of this feature is not yet available, make sure you use the latest version of BBM program, If still using the old version, first download the latest version on Playstore.
-Open the BBM setting then check in the Timed Messages section.

-Next try sending a message to one friend buddy. But, before writing a message press the first icon that looks like a stopwatch, it is a timeless Messaging feature in BBM. Located on the left side of the bottom.

-Then select the time duration you want, how long the message will be deleted automatically.

– If you have, please write a secret message you want to send to a friend earlier, then click the send icon.

Display a secret message on BBM pal will be like the picture below:

On BBM your friend is written “Timed Messages received. Touch and hold to see”.

Well, when it’s read, it says “Message Accepted Expired”

So the history of chat from secret messages that my friend sent will disappear and will not be able to be read by others.

Steady right?

Want to send any secret messages do not need to be afraid to be known to others, just use the timed messaging feature in BBM messenger. Just set the time, the message disappears by itself.