Some of the Best Offline Android Games: 6 Games Can Be Played Without the Internet

By | 19 October 2017

If my friend has the same thoughts as me, maybe this best offline android game plot can help my friend to find a game that can make my friend feel happy, even in offline state. Let’s see all the offline android games list below:

1. Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy is known as one of the best racing games for android that can be played offline. Interestingly, the location of this game race is on the beach. That’s what makes it look cool. Not only the location setting is cool, but the design of the beach buggy racing graphics also looks really good when the program data is only under 100 MB.

In this game, we not only race but we can also shoot the enemy with ammunition that has been prepared along the race track. If my friend get one of the ammunition, my friend can immediately shoot it to the enemy that is in front of my friend. When the enemy is toppled with the shot earlier, my friend can overtake it with no difficult to win the race and collect many coins.

Quite fun is not it?

2. Earn To Day 2

In this game, a car passes through a city full of piloted by buddies required to with zombies. The goal is to reach the evacuation ships that have been provided across the city. Car obsolete and not much money to upgrade the car was used buddy in demand to survive with just.

Level levels in this game has been completed by there are ten types of cars that can be used if my friend friend
Each car is equipped with weapons to destroy the zombies that block your way to the shelter. Earn to Day 2 is the best action game that can be played offline.

Loss deh if not download this game

3. Hill Climb Racing
If you do not know this one game, surprise deh. Although it has been release long enough and users have reached 100juta more but hill climb racing still exist and liked by gamers android until now. The car through the high hills and perforated is used by in this game buddy will drive. You must have a good driving skill to win level by level in this hill climb racing game. Because if the car upside down in the middle of the road

Throughout the game, some coins that later can be used to buy a new car will get a pal. Actually not just a coin but my friend will also get gasoline to recharge the car fuel that my friend use. Because if run out of fuel in the middle of the road, yes game over as well and must repeat since the beginning again. Try deh download and play this game, surely my friend will be addicted.

Because the game hill climb racing can be played without an internet connection though, no need to fear run out of cyber quota

4. Crossyroad

Another best offline game android is Crossyroad. Crossyroad offers a really simple gameplay. An assortment of animals from the streets are crossed by the work of a pal here just for.

All animals and other characters can be crossed by a friend can win the game without anyone being hit by a vehicle if. Simple, unique and fun. This is the crossroad. Moreover, my friend can play it without internet connection. If you want to save the game data permanently like game score, but That way the whole game progress will be saved automatically.