Some of the Best Kids Education Games On Android: For Ages 2 through 5 Years

By | 19 October 2017

Like the example of a hide and seek game. This game trains the child’s sensitivity, sportive soul can be grown by can make children learn to recognize the pattern fikir his friends and also. But the current era of such games have been absent. Children today prefer to play games on smartphones or tablets. Since the emergence of android, moreover

If your child likes to play games, you as a parent must act slowly to choose the right game for your child. Because now is not a little game that does not educate and even teach violence, not to choose, a good game for children is a game that is educative. While learning, games that can make them play Fortunately, there are many such games on android.

You just choose which educational games are suitable for your child. Do not worry if you do not have time to choose I have made a list of android games that can educate children from the age of 3 years, four years or children who have entered the school early childhood.

Here’s a list of games:

1. Child Education Game: All In One


This game teaches children to recognize objects or subject around us like, get to know animals, numbers, characters, shapes, colors, fruits and vegetables. Not only that, this child educational game is also equipped with features of math, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

You can choose the level of the game from the hardest or easiest. So you can adjust the game based on your child’s age. If your child is three years old, maybe the game can be set to the easiest level.


2. Kids Educational Game


Here are twelve educational games that your child can play.

The whole game is really fun and can add views and motor skills of children.
There are games to distinguish the shape of an object, color, guess the name of the animal, learn english and many other educational games.

So than your child playing games that do not educate really the same, better download now this child’s game. Take it easy, free download not pay.



3. Children’s Brain Coach


This one game is very full color. If the color can develop intelligence and hone the ability to remember the child, you will know Not only that, the color can also make children interested to learn. That is the reason why this game is made in full color. Not just colorful, the game is also very educational. The animals are matched one with the cage the game example is work for.

In this game, the child will learn to memorize a form to complete the task. This will help your child more slowly to remember because the items in the game is in the form of animals – animals are funny and adorable.

Simply download this game in playstore if you want to train your child’s brain intelligence



4. Animal Puzzles For Children



Various kinds of animals to your child want to be introduced by just play this game if this animal-shaped puzzle game can develop motor skills of children aged three to five years. Because there are various animals in this game that may not have been familiar with by your child, of course the game is really fun. Like if a child has completed the puzzle correctly then they will get a voice of praise

This will encourage your child to continue sharpening his ability in composing puzzels and getting to know the names of the animals. Puzzel animal game for this child is equipped with 27 languages ​​pertained Indonesian and English. I guess, your child definitely likes to play this game.



5. Vehicle, Car and Toddler


After getting to know animals, characters and numbers, it’s time to introduce your child to a variety of public transport. Games of vehicles, cars and toddlers from romeLab can be used to train the child’s memory. They will be able to distinguish which cars, motorcycles, trucks, tractors and other types of vehicles.

Before they enter school, train your child from childhood to get to know all kinds of vehicles So, later on when entering paud school, they will easily catch a lesson about the vehicle delivered by the teacher. That way, your child is one step ahead of the other students.



That’s 5 educational games for the best kid on android. All children’s educational games above is very easy to play and certainly can train your child’s intelligence.