LG G6 Review: Initial Flagship 2017

Full Vision screen pioneer. Although currently losing the prestige of the Galaxy S8, still LG listed as a pioneer of the creator of the screen smartphone relief berbodi compact. LG G6 has a 5.7 inch screen in the body dimension of 5.2 inches. The body itself is slender and elongated so it is more fun… Read More »

Review OnePlus 5: Not Cheap Again

Thin and compact. We included that is not so impressive with the design that brought OnePlus 5. Because at first we have already tasted that OnePlus 5 is too “play safe” and do not want to bother with following the iPhone 7 Plus design. Apart from its similar design, can not be denied that OnePlus… Read More »

OPPO R11 Review: Not a Hape Selfie?

Thin and compact. We all know that the design of OPPO R11 is identical with the iPhone 7 Plus and also used by OnePlus 5. Apart from the issue of trace-plagiarize designs, OPPO managed to design the R11 with a fresh design rather than the F1 and F3 series. If you want to look elegant,… Read More »

Xiaomi Mi 5X Review: Mi 6 Version Efficient

Looks okay. So many smartphones today make it so similar to each other. Including Mi 5X which is similar to his own brother, Mi Max 2. We subjective subjects to the design of the Mi 5X which is dominated by metal material. Smartphone 5.5 inches is quite thin and the back was not easily dirty… Read More »

ASUS Review ZenFone 4 Max Pro: Large Battery, Wide Camera

Metal bodies are more interesting. You will not see a drastic difference when comparing ZenFone 4 Max Pro and ZenFone 3 Max designs. The dimensions of the screen are 5.5 inches, the body is still made of metal, but now the fingerprint sensor that was in the back has been moved to the front blend… Read More »

Weightlifting Practice at the Marine Headquarters

The issue of the area of the preparation that frequently moved and turned into the deterrent of arrangement has been overwhelmed by the introduction of the preparation field of the weight preparing group at the Marine Command Post (Mako Pasmar) II at Kwini 2, Central Jakarta. In the area which is the most established maritime… Read More »

Nadal Secures World’s Number 1 Position at End of Year

Nadal sufficiently met all requirements to win the inaugural match in this competition to seal his position. Incidentally turns out Nadal, who got a bye in the primary half, can get it going with the goal that this left-gave Spanish player can not be moved from the highest point of ATP until the finish of… Read More »

Top Achievements at the 2017 Junior World Championships

The honor of rewards worth more than Rp 150 million was held together by PB Djarum and PB Mutiara at Galeri Indonesia Kaya, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, on Thursday (2/11). The granted junior competitors are junior ladies’ singles champion Gregoria Mariska Tunjung (PB Pearl), junior pairs title holder Rinov Rivaldy (PB Djarum), blended twofold sprinter up… Read More »

5 Tips on How to Use Prism Applications

Actually, I also just found out about this prism application from DP BBM my friends. After I tried it myself, it was really cool and the filter provided is also a lot. There are thirty-six photo filters you can choose. Each filter used will change the photo into a pencil sketch, real painting, or paintings… Read More »