Satellite Multifunctional Has Entered National Strategic Project

By | 19 October 2017

“We are considering to include a multifunctional satellite project which the government put into PSN,” said Rudiantara Minister of Communications and Informatics at the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Friday (11/11).

The addition of multifunctional satellite projects to the PSN list, said Rudiantara, for the construction of the project can be accelerated, as is currently done by the government against the national optical fiber network project or Palapa Ring.

In addition, he also wants the multifunctional satellite project can be worked out with a funding scheme in the form of Cooperation Government and Business Entities (KPBU).

“The reason, the CDE is relatively much better than utilizing the State Budget (APBN),” said the man who is often called Chief RA.

With the KPBU scheme, the government does not need to provide investment in the beginning, but the government can seek partners from private parties to be invited to invest and build a multifunctional satellite.

In addition to funding considerations, the inclusion of this project into PSN for Kominfo as a regulator can focus on regulating rather than taking care of satellite development directly.

However, he is still reluctant to share the initial targets that have been mapped by ministries related to the construction of this multifunctional satellite.

“Clearly, we continue to review which one is running and the new half-run,” he said.

To note, the government intends to build a multifunctional satellite that reaches remote areas of Indonesia and can be utilized for many sectors, such as communications, maritime to agriculture.

Previously, Kominfo said it was looking for suitable satellite filling for this project by considering a number of filling band plan analyzes owned by certain countries.

Satellite Filling is an orbit slot that is owned by each country to deploy satellite service.

As for the Palapa Ring project which is currently included in the list of 25 PSN, he said the project continues to run well.

“Palapa Ring is one of the projects that progresses well, which means it is in accordance with the schedule, all in 2019 will be completed,” added Rudi.

Rudiantara ensure, West and Central Palapa Ring project is financial closing and is currently under construction. While the East Palapa Ring is targeted for financial closing in early 2017.