Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Not the Fastest

By | 20 October 2017

The bongsor is compact. Galaxy Note 8 is listed as the smartphone with the most jumbo screen in the history of Samsung created a smartphone. Note 8 has an elongated 6.4 inch screen with 18: 9 aspect ratio. But if we compare with other jumbo smartphones like Sony Xperia Z Ultra or Xiaomi Mi Max series whose screen is equally above 6 inches, Note 8 body is much more compact.

Although not so comfortable bagged, but this smartphone can indeed enter the pocket of men’s jeans. As for everyday use, we are required to use two hands to get more leverage. But when carrying or holding it, one hand we can still embrace the whole body.

Best screen. Got a lot of experience producing TVs and monitors so stock Samsung to be able to create the best smartphone screen in the world. The panel of pride, Super AMOLED, is re-used on Note 8. Mixed with WQHD + resolution (2,960 x 1,440 pixels), the Note 8 screen completely spoils the eyes of its users.

Not to mention there is HDR10 support that will further boost its ability to play HDR video. We had time to compare it with the iPhone 8 Plus screen that does not support HDR for streaming video on YouTube. The results show the screen Note 8 capable of defeating the iPhone 8 Plus screen which in fact is also one of the best.

Luxurious but not weak. Alloy of metal and glass material still decorate the body of Galaxy Note 8 so that the success gives the impression of super luxury. But usually a luxury smartphone is not strong enough or vulnerable hurt. But not so with Note 8. This Smartphone is protected Gorilla Glass 5 both on the glass screen and the glass body behind.

As long as it does not fall from a distance above one meter, should the body not be destroyed. In addition Samsung also includes IP68 certificate which means waterproof and dust. Not just a smartphone, this certificate also applies to the S-Pen stylus is included. So we can write using S-Pen while wet-basahan.

Jago multitasking. Actually a performance affair, Note 8 is not worth to doubt. With Exynos 8895 chipset, Mali-G71MP20 GPU, and 6 GB of RAM, Note 8 is capable of running up to ten alternating applications with smooth. Plus with AnTuTu score of 174 thousand points, the majority of heavy games can be devoured well. But just info, this score is not the highest because it is still under OnePlus 5 and iPhone 8.

New features. We do not find any new features that really make Note 8 different from the previous version. But that does not mean there are no new features of interest. During our use of more than two weeks, we found at least three exciting new features.

In Note 8 we can now directly write when the smartphone is locked (off-screen Memo) up to 100 pages. Samsung also includes an interesting feature of Live Message where we can write or draw the animated video to be sent to others through social media. One other feature that is not less interesting is App Pair.

Through this feature we can manage to run the two most common applications we use simultaneously in one split-screen time. For example running Google Chrome and YouTube or other applications that do support.

Batteries are not wasteful. Battery “only” 3300 mAh, high-resolution chipsets, and high-resolution jumbo screens no doubt present doubts about battery life Note 8. Surely its durability is not exactly wasteful. During use, we almost always get screen-on-time for five hours or sometimes more. Not only that, Note 8 battery can also be fully charged very fast, only 1 hour 15 minutes.