Review OnePlus 5: Not Cheap Again

By | 20 October 2017

Thin and compact. We included that is not so impressive with the design that brought OnePlus 5. Because at first we have already tasted that OnePlus 5 is too “play safe” and do not want to bother with following the iPhone 7 Plus design. Apart from its similar design, can not be denied that OnePlus 5 is a thin and compact smartphone. When compared with the iPhone 7 Plus, we guarantee you will be more comfortable holding OnePlus 5.

Dash Charge. Majority of upper middle-class smartphone that was born in 2017 has been supported by fast battery charging technology. But if pitted with OnePlus 5’s Dash Charge, we believe OnePlus 5 is the one who will be a winner. Yes, Dash Charge is faster than Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 which is widely used in flagship smartphone 2017.

As an illustration, we fill it from empty. In the duration of charging 15 minutes only, the battery is above 30 percent. Charging 30 minutes, the battery is above 60 percent. And within an hour’s time, at least the battery has been filled 90 percent. Just info, this charging process we do when the smartphone is in standby condition (standby).

Super speeding. If you can be honest, OnePlus 5 has a performance that can surpass the Samsung Galaxy S8. Of course there are many factors that cause it. One of them is a series of high-end hardware. Starting from Snapdragon 835 chipset, RAM 6 or 8 GB, and storage with UFS 2.1 technology.

Starting from boot time, loading apps and games, and multitasking performance, OnePlus 5 is slightly superior. In addition to hardware, speeding performance generated by OnePlus 5 is also influenced operating system that still feels pure, not a lot of bloatware, and minimal features that are not used. When we tested AnTuTu Benchmark, the resulting score was around 179 thousand points.

Camera increases. If you want to upgrade from OnePlus 3T to OnePlus 5, then the camera sector will be the most noticeable improvement. OnePlus 5 camera capability feels better because it is designed in conjunction with DxOMark and has two camera modules ala iPhone 7 Plus.

In short, the OnePlus 5 camera has a very satisfying shutter speed. Day or night, the speed would be just as satisfying. When we compare with the iPhone 7 Plus camera, OnePlus 5 shots are always brighter, even brighter than the original condition. So the camera characteristics somewhat like Galaxy S8 camera that can absorb a lot of light.

To shoot with portrait mode, the ability also can not be underestimated because the results of the same class with portrait mode iPhone 7 Plus. Even for portrait shots at night, OnePlus 5 shots brighter and cleaner than the iPhone 7 Plus. The photo above is one example.

Screen gonjreng. Yes, the screen is one of the reasons why we feel at home with OnePlus 5. AMOLED Optic Panel makes it look very kece when displaying black color. While presenting other colors are also not less ciamik because saturasinya very bright as the screen Samsung Galaxy S8.


Not waterproof? It is not clear if OnePlus 5 is in the ranks of waterproof smartphones or not. But clearly, there is no waterproof certification it carries. So let’s assume that OnePlus 5 is not a waterproof smartphone. Indeed, this one feature is not required by everyone. But because this smartphone is sold above Rp7 million, then the waterproof feature will feel interesting. Moreover, competitors such as LG G6, iPhone 7, or Samsung Galaxy S8 is waterproof.

op5 droidlime 06

Record less than maximum video. At a glance like nothing less than the OnePlus 5 camera. Besides being able to produce crystal clear photos, the main camera can also record 4K 30 fps video, Full HD 60 fps, and HD 240 fps.