More Smart, Google Assistant is Ready to Compete with Siri

By | 19 October 2017

Instead of just pulling content from search engines, this new platform can also do 2 things, like direct action and conversation. If used in different types of devices, different

Quoting The Verge, this personal service can work best when used with Google Pixel mobile phones, Allo programs, and clever electronic devices at home.

When synchronized with smart electronic devices, Assistant works just like a remote. Starting from turning on and off the lights, playing videos on Television, setting alarms, playing music.

When used over Pixel mobile phones, users can ask Assistant to do things, ranging from organizing the agenda, playing YouTube videos, sending messages, to ordering taxis. Just by pressing the Home button, then Assistant will stick out and ask about what can be done.

In order to take immediate action such as ordering taxis, Google promises to work with other parties and third party program developers, such as Uber, CNN, LinkedIn, and others.

meanwhile, when connected with Allo’s instant messaging service, Assistant works like a chatbot. When a user asks a question, Assistant will bring up an answer on the phone screen.

A number of features and capabilities offered by Assistant have actually been introduced through Google Now. Just that, Assistant has the ability and level of intelligence better in detecting any information submitted by users.

The presence of Assistant adds a row of smart digital assistant services that have already been developed such as Siri from Apple, Cortana from Microsoft, and Echo from Amazon.

So it is not the case with Assistant if Google Now is a voice based voice assistant platform This latest assistant version can not only accept voice-based commands, but also through text.

Both can be used to do not a little subject, ranging from ordering a search, setting up schedules and alarms, to make flight schedules. Google ensures that algorithms embedded in the Assistant are better than Google Now, some information related to the subject that users ask will be displayed.

Google Now is used then the information sticking out in accordance with what is requested such as finding the nearest restaurant if the user searches

While Assistant equipped with better intelligence and able to learn the details of the user. So when asked to find a restaurant nearby, Assistant will provide recommendations in accordance with ‘history’ of similar restaurants visited or through the search of similar cuisine menu.