Kominfo Has Been Ready to Fight App Home Sites Massage Nakal ‘Plus-Plus’

By | 19 October 2017

“I am going to be the one I will witness,” said Sammy, an anom who was inaugurated as Director General of Aptika Kemkominfo for Friday, October 7, 2016.

Nevertheless, the former Chairman of the Association of Internet Service Makers Indonesia (APJII) is admitted must learn more about the weight of the type of violations that occurred.

So far Sammy admitted added no crazy decision is not dark who prepare for the emergence of web or application with negative content.

“We must separate and then what is the component of pornography, where the prosecution let me not dark,” said Sammy.Steps from which can be taken Sammy on the eradication of pornographic cyber-criminal content invite the cyber crime unit of the police force.

“I will not slowly meet cyber crime Bareskrim let me handling directly.”

Previously the internet had been hectic with the emergence of web prostitution directory under the guise of massage parlors in many rayon in Indonesia. The presented directory includes also a plus-plus spa plus massage area until the striptease club.

The site dominated by green color concluded slogan tangible aid √¨First for Tension “.
In addition, these directories provide info terms that are commonly needed among consumers plus-plus service contained in a feature called ‘Kamus Perpijatan’.

Checked via Who.is, the web was registered registered since the date of October 20, 2015 first. But apparently, sourced registries utilize falsified info, because it is listed based in Arizona, American Society.