If Comparing Driver Rating System of Gojek, GrabBike, & Uber Motor

By | 19 October 2017

To achieve 1 point, the driver must complete the order with a maximum distance of five km. While for a distance of 5 to ten kilo meters, so the points earned sealing 1.5. Should finish the order with a distance of more than 10km, can be obtained

It’s just that the incentives earned are potentially forfeited if the driver can not achieve a fifty percent performance score. The percentage is calculated based on the number of incoming and successful orders completed by the driver. Due to the automation done by management, the new system requires the driver to accept every order that comes in, In other terms if the order is rejected, the percentage of performance could decrease drastically.

Frans, one of the drivers of CNNIndonesia.com admitted to not understanding why the performance formula can reach fifty percent despite completing 7 of 10 orders. ‘Rush Hour’ & Weekly Target Ala UberMotor System. Different with the Gojek who run performance on a percentage basis, manajamen Uber instead uses a busy hour which is the ‘lure of incentives’ for his driver business associates.

Rizki Tri (29), UberMotor driver on CNNIndonesia.com admitted the bonus formula scheme applied by Uber often changed. This week, Uber applied incentives for drivers who receive orders during peak hours in the morning & afternoon hri seen 50% of the total cost paid passengers.

“If the order hours six to nine in the morning & afternoon at four to nine midnight bonus 50% of the total cost paid passengers,” he said. Outside the daily bonus, Rezeki said drivers are likely to get weekly bonuses & bln. Weekly & monthly bonus schemes are calculated based on the successful completion of the booking goal. “For every 19 orders taken in a week & completed, we (the driver) are able to incentive the addition of Rp65 thousand,” he added.

Unlike Gojek & GraBike, Uber applies cost based on unit miles & travel time from pick up area to destination. In addition, the passengers who do cancellation can be burdened by a large budget of Rp10 thousand. GrabBike & Passenger Rating System
Meanwhile, GrabBike uses a performance rating system based on passenger ratings. The lower the evaluation, so the potential for achieving incentives is also not less.

Warsito, one of the GrabBike drivers explained, to get a daily bonus of Rp80 thousand, he is obliged to collect evaluation at least 45 stars. (CNN Indonesia / Adhi Wicaksono)
“In addition to being able to collect at least forty-five star system (rating given passengers), the driver was not allowed to be exceeded rarely refuse orders coming in,” he added on CNNIndonesia.com.

He mentioned, the maximum limit of 1 driver refuses the incoming order is 3 times. If more than that, so the driver can get a penalty is not able to accept orders for 1 hour. Similarly with Gojek, this Malaysian pioneer company also apply an automated order system for all the driver work friends. Only, passengers can not run the cancellation when the system has set the driver who will deliver it.