Here’s How to Use Google Maps Offline (No Internet) on your Android

By | 19 October 2017

Google Maps is known as the coolest program ever created by google if I think the time before google create maps we have to take a paper map if you want to go to an area we have never visited Currently live bring smartphone, wrong. Everywhere do not be afraid to get lost because there has been a cool guide program abis like google maps. At first, Google Maps can only be used online but recently google add new features that can make my friend use google maps offline.

Yes, my friend did not read wrong.

Currently my friend can use google maps though without a virtual connection. This feature is really profitable for my friend who likes a walk in the mountains or areas that are still not easy to connect the virtual world. How to Use Google Maps Offline on Android To use Google Maps offline, you must first download the map area you want to use offline.

Here’s the complete guide:

I’m sure a smartphone pal must have installed google maps, but the question is whether google maps that have been updated to the latest version? Update first in the playstore if not yet Cause google maps old version has no offline feature it. Do not close google maps in android pal.

Click the menu at the top left, then select the offline area.


Next click on the plus sign in the bottom right. A warning will appear to download the area via WI-FI. If my friend wants to download the map using mobile data just click “DOWNLOAD NOW”.

Well, here my friend can choose an area that my friend likes, or can also download the area that my friend visited.

If you’ve selected an area, click “DOWNLOAD” at the bottom right then name it the offline area and click “SAVE”.

Note: We recommend using wifi to download the map because the map data to be downloaded can reach hundreds of MB, depending on how big the map area will be downloaded.
Wait until the download is over and my friend was able to use maps that were downloaded earlier offline. Remember yes … Only area maps that have been downloaded that can be used offline, if that has not been downloaded can not. For function constraints, Google Maps Offline has the same functionality as the maps used when connected to the internet. When using google maps offline like, but there are some things that will not get my friend After 30 days, area maps that have been downloaded will be removed automatically

I do not know what the reason is.

Because not always the area that my friend downloaded keadaanya would be like that, maybe google want my friend get a more accurate navigation direction Kan not stored on the map that had been long ago. After thirty days, for that reason google deletes the offline area automatically

Do you know how to use google maps offline before?