Here’s How to Play Pokemon Go Smartphone on Asus Zenfone (Android Based Intel)

By | 19 October 2017
Although not yet officially released in Indonesia, fans of pokemon games are not running out of mind to be able to play this Pokemon Go game. Many are looking for APK pokemon Go files after it’s installed on their smartphone, and it turns out the steps were successful. But unfortunately, not all smartphones can play this Go pokemon of them is Asus Zenfone (smartphone based on intel).

I know this from a friend who wants to play Pokemon Go games on his two Zenfone asus. The application can still be installed, but when executed can not. After I read in the forums, Go pokemon game is not yet support for Intel x86 processor that most of the processor is used by asus zenfone.

Disappointed still, Pokemon Go games on android I can play because I also use asus zenfone so I also do not. Because already there are steps to play Pokemon Go games on asus zenfone, but now no longer, Party Niantic Labs have updated APK file pokemon Go let me play on android that have intel processor.

How to play is not difficult, just download the archive, install it, then play.

Before playing this Pokemon go game, but there are a number of conditions that must be fulfilled

Android has kitkat v4.4 or above.
RAM at least two GB or above.
Strong internet connection.

It’s OK if you want to use android with RAM below 2 GB but the game will not run smoothly alias often lag and force close Use android with 2GB of RAM and try to have a strong virtual connection if you want to get a fun experience when playing the game Pokemon Go

How to Play Pokemon Go Game on Asus Zenfone (android based on intel)

As I said earlier, how to play easily live download, install, and play.

For a more detailed way, see below:

First download Pokemon GO apk file of Intel processor here.
-Next install and open the Pokemon game.
-Once open, my friend is required to fill in your date of birth.


Then sign up or sign up using your google account.


Choose the avatar you want to use


If you have, my friend can play Pokemon Go on android pal.

That’s how to play Go pokemon game on Asus Zenfone (android based on intel).
Note: Pokemon Go is officially available in playstore so, my friend live download in playstore only.
My advice, If you want to play pokemon Go do not forget safety (safety) because it’s a lot of unpleasant news when the fun pokemon Go.

There are accidents, some are caught by the police, even where I work, some are laid off because caught playing pokemon go at work.

Therefore, play anyway is okay but do not get played by the game.

“We are playing the game, not the game that plays us”