Here are Some Ways to Make Dollars from Playing Your Favorite Game

By | 19 October 2017

To get gems in the clash of clans is hard once at last not a few people who are willing to spend a lot of money to buy the gems. If you have been addicted to playing games like that. Out money no matter how long can raise the level of the game in a short time And if you know how, not just spend money. People who play games at professional level can earn up to millions of dollars each year. It’s so fun to be able to funnel hobbies while earning money. This subject is a must buddy know. Do not play games just for fun and wasting time.

The money generated is better utilized than hoby to play the game buddy for. Well, the money from playing games that must be in the try that can produce Dollar below there are several ways. The funds generated may be quite a lot if my friend would try and work hard to get it.

1. Follow the Game Tournament

The tournament is known as the best way you can use to get funds from playing games.
But not all people who hoby playing games can follow the tournament of this game. National and international game tournaments are held by only professional game players and certain game genres that each year. Like the game is very popular today, namely DOTA 2.

Online game is always held every game tournament held in various countries. Last year, two Dota game tournaments were held in the Arena key, seattle, American Society. As quoted by DetikInet, total prize in this tournament reached 85 billion dollars for the first winner. Wow, the value of a very fantastic gift right?

Indeed if you have entered the world class prizes must be very big. That much money from playing games would get a friend must be a professional gamer is not just a fad just in playing games if my friend does not need to be professional if only dapetin money hundreds of thousands of games Try just the second way below.

2. Selling Game Accounts

Well, selling game accounts to earn money is a very popular way nowadays. Take a look at the social media or on the blog a lot of people who sell game account. But not an arbitrary game account that can be sold. Only popular game accounts can make money, like Clash Of Clans android games. This game has been downloaded more than 100 million users worldwide.

Many players clash of clans who are already at the highest level, sell akunya to others to earn a little money. People who are addicted to play this online game would be happy to buy an account that is already in the high level. Instead of having to play from scratch, which takes months to level up, it’s better to buy an account only. Although the price in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars, no problem as long as it can meet the desire to play his game.

This is the opportunity to earn money from selling game accounts that you should use. Although my friend is not a professional game player, but I’m sure my friend can make money at least hundreds of thousands of dollars from selling this game account.

Funds from selling game accounts that must be utilized pal get this opportunity. Although my friend is not a professional game player, the money at least hundreds of thousands of dollars from selling this game account can be produced by but I am sure my friend.

3. Playing Android Game Through WHAFF

WHAFF is not a game but WHAFF is an advertising app. In the application there are many games that can be downloaded and played for free. Not just free, but my friend will also be paid if download and play the game in WHAFF.

Must be my friend think “Is there any application like that?”

If you do not believe it, look at the picture below:

You can pay up to $ 4 dollars per game. Buddy just need to download, play and achieve the target level in the set to get the money. Instead of my friend download the game directly from the playstore and can not anything, it’s better to download from whaff can the money.

Actually not only games that can be downloaded but also a lot of cool apps in whaff that can be downloaded to get money quickly If my friend is interested in playing the game from whaff application, my friend must follow the following steps:

The first stage, download and install the WHAFF application in playstore or directly here.

If so, open the whaff app. Then login using your facebook account.