Here are 3 Most Trusted PTC Sites, Best Paying Expensive Up To Now

By | 19 October 2017

It’s easy to earn money from PTC. Live click ads, can money. But, if you get hit by scams, you must be annoyed. Wanna ngadu sama who? no body cares. If you just do not get paid okay okay, at best only loss of time. But if the information we enter is misused to break into another account, it’s stuck.

Therefore, do not let you register on the PTC scam site and experience the same events as I feel. Actually ptc trusted and willing to pay it there are characteristics. If you have been playing in the ptc business, it will be able to tell which ptc is trusted and which one is scam. But if you are still a beginner, you can see the characteristics of ptc scam below:


The most important thing in the ptc site is forum. This forum is used as a place to share the members or used as a place to ask if you have trouble playing ptc on the site. If there are PTC sites that do not have a forum, we can be sure ptc site is a scam.

Or usually there is a forum but messy, not processed properly, no member who sharing the payment in the forum.

Promising High Pay

I used to join a PTC that gives high paying up to $ 10 perklik. Crazy right? At that time I was a beginner, did not know it was a scam or not. After I try to payout, it turns out until 1 month the money is not up to my paypal. From there I just know if the PTC site is a scam.

If thought logically, it’s not possible there are PTC sites that dare to pay up to $ 10 perklik. Pay $ 1 perklik just does not exist. Can bankrupt PTC site. Unless there are other programs such as answer surveys or perform tasks, it is only understandable because it is now many PTC sites that work with online survey sites to produce a profitable program for its members.

Minimum payout is high

If the minimum payoutnya high, you need weeks or even months to be able to payout. For example minimum payout $ 1000. Up to 1 year you click ads will not be able to payout. Or it could also change the value of payout. For example, initially $ 10 to $ 20, not consistent is the point. It is also one of the characteristics of PTC scam.

View PTC Age

Trusted PTC is at least two years old, and even then there are other requirements such as no complaints from the member’s payments, the site never down, no ticketing support and others. New ptc sites also usually pay but only in the early course, over time ya eventually become a scam if not managed properly.

If you do not want to be registered on the ptc scam site, please see the age of the ptc. Well, that was a number of features ptc scam that circulated in cyberspace. Currently we see a list of trusted ptc that you can follow to make money with no difficult without fear of unpaid.

1. Clixsense


This is the best ptc site in the world in my opinion. Just imagine, clixsense is 9 years online and still continue to pay its members until now, of course ptc site is already very reliable.

The advantages of this ptc site is not only you can get funds from ad clicks but also can fill out the survey, working on tasks, even playing games can also be funds from clixsense. For ad click value between $ 0001 to $ 0.01 dollars. As for the task and survey ranged from $ 0.5 to $ 1.5 dollars. Not bad a little huh?

Because clixsense has been working with online survey sites so there are tasks that pay high value, it Once for member clixsense benefited by this really.

Minimum payout in clixsense is also really low ie $ 8 for a standard member and $ 6 for premium members.

You can request payment using paypal account.

Do not have a paypal account?

Try to read the steps to create a paypal account with this easy.

Have, do not have to think long, list at right now.

Once registered in clixsense, you can read how to earn $ 100 per month from this clixsense.



Remember what I said? The trusted PTC has been online for at least two years and there are no complaints from the members. For eight years and until now no tuh complain about the payment, the Neobux was founded in 2008 which means this ptc site has been online

This means the PTC site is trusted and not a scam. Plus the cashout limit is very low, only $ 2 to be in the drag to paypal. The payment is also instant, once you click the cashout button, immediately the dollar will go into your paypal account.

There is no PTC site like this, usually have to wait a few days before the funds go into paypal after cashout. So from that please list at now and generate funds tens of dollars from the PTC site.