Google Glass-style Snapchat runs out of Ludes Driven Consumers

By | 19 October 2017

“It comes from UFOs in cartoons, with balloons as parachutes,” Ajay Mehta wrote in his Twitter account.

More than a hundred people lined up in front of a Snapbot-a strange vampire machine made by Snap-suddenly sticking out in Venice, California, American Society. The queue is caused by the presence of glasses that serve as a camera recorder called “Spectacles.”
Based on reports of Twitter users who are in the location of Snapbot, Spectacles immediately sold out enthusiasts.

Quoted Reuters, Snap membanderol this new accessories in the price range is not too high with a value of US $ 130 or about Rp1, 7 million. Not to be confused if the buyers directly buy up Spectacles.

Luckily, Spectacles have been found on the eBay sale site. Even so the price offered for a glasses was not near more expensive that is US $ 1,000 or worth Rp13 million.

Snap, the new giant in the internet industry, passes Spectacles looks set to hit the hardware market. Customer access to the Snapchat app enhanced strategy is Snap lakoni for.

Spectacles are known as glasses with a camera and connect wirelessly to a smartphone wirelessly to the owner. With Spectacles, Snapchat account owners can take pictures and record videos faster and easier.

Step Snapchat introducing Spectacles to the public is a new round of competition for cyberspace companies. Those who previously focused on program or content development, content service functionality maximized by now are starting to glance at the hardware for.

Google is one example. Known as a highly sophisticated search engine algorithm, Google is transformed by launching hardware products such as Chromebooks, Pixels, Google Glass, and the most recent Daydream VR.

Similar steps seem to be taking Snap. Seeing the enthusiasm for Spectacles, Snap prepares to release Snapbot and Spectacles in a number of other cities in the US.