Google cs shares drop sharply after Donald Trump’s victory

By | 19 October 2017

Reuters reports, Amazon shares drop to the lowest level since July reached 4.7 percent, while Alphabet fell two point three percent. While Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft each fell to two point seven percent.

The decline in technology stocks sparked fears some investors mainly related to the uncertainty of Trump’s policies.
Michael Yoshikami, Head of Destination Wealth Management admitted optimistic and did not see any negative effects for technology companies with the election of Trump.

“I do not think there is anything that could negatively affect the shares of technology companies in the new government.Because of the factors related to market demand, the drop in these shares is reasonable

Despite Apple’s declining share, iPhone sales rose to a commanding nine percent on Thursday.

The concerns of some companies are related to Trump’s speeches during the campaign period that often convey controversial notions related to the future of technology. one of which is known as the idea to ‘bring back’ the production of Apple products to the United States.

The self of the United States as a form of disappointment and seeing the bleak shadow of technological future under Trump’s top brass was separated by several technology companies based in Silicon Valley and even sparked a plan for.

in the meantime, Apple CEO Tim Cook showed a reaction to Trump’s chosen disappointment by sending an internal memo to all of his employees. In the memo Cook asked his employees to stay ahead and not to worry about the current political conditions in the US.