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Google Assistant English Version Will Attend Year-End

Instead of just pulling content from search engines, this new platform can also do 2 things, like direct action and conversation. If used in different types of devices, different Quoting The Verge, this personal service works best when it’s used with Google Pixel mobile phones, Allo programs, and smart home electronic devices. When synchronized with… Read More »

Google cs shares drop sharply after Donald Trump’s victory

Reuters reports, Amazon shares drop to the lowest level since July reached 4.7 percent, while Alphabet fell two point three percent. While Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft each fell to two point seven percent. The decline in technology stocks sparked fears some investors mainly related to the uncertainty of Trump’s policies. Michael Yoshikami, Head of Destination… Read More »

Satellite Multifunctional Has Entered National Strategic Project

“We are considering to include a multifunctional satellite project which the government put into PSN,” said Rudiantara Minister of Communications and Informatics at the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Friday (11/11). The addition of multifunctional satellite projects to the PSN list, said Rudiantara, for the construction of the project can be accelerated, as is currently… Read More »

New Face of Google Mobile Phone (Google Pixel) Unlocked

While Pixel XL has a slightly larger size with 5.5-inch monitor. The phone is prepared displacing its predecessor is Huawei Nexus 6P. Both Google’s new HP is also able to represent the new philosophy Google hand phone division who want to appear more “berpendirian” in the factor software & hardware product them. “You guys will… Read More »

Google Pixel, Samsung’s & Apple’s Challenged Mobile Phone

Both mobile phones are carrying the same technical description. The processor uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 & takes place with the Android 7.0 operating system (Nougat). Google promises Pixel will get Android system updates simultaneously, as does the Nexus series. Camera becomes the most preferred unit by Google. With a resolution of twelve megapixels, the promised… Read More »