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The Powerful Way to Save Battery While Playing Pokemon Go Game

Smartphones we work hard required by these games because of this. All battery sucking components are illuminated, such as GPS, Camera, GPU (grapic processor unit), Cyber ​​Connection, Vibration system. This is what makes this Go pokemon game very wasteful battery. If you are willing to catch pokemon the screen must always be on, especially if… Read More »

5 Tips on How to Use Prism Applications

Actually, I also just found out about this prism application from DP BBM my friends. After I tried it myself, it was really cool and the filter provided is also a lot. There are thirty-six photo filters you can choose. Each filter used will change the photo into a pencil sketch, real painting, or paintings… Read More »

There are 6 Free and Best Video Call Applications On Android

Video call done buddy just need one smartphone that has a front camera and a program for. Free video call applications such as faceTime is already embedded in it if my friend use Iphone If android, different again you must first search a program in google play that can be used for free video calls.… Read More »

7 Best Android Sound Music Player Applications

Some like the simplicity, there is also a likes full feature. Well, that’s why this article was created. Here you will find some of the best music player programs for android with not a few features that are not owned android music player. Best Android Music Player Program If you sign in to Google Play,… Read More »