Cashtree, The Most Powerful Free Pulse Producer App In AppStore

By | 19 October 2017

The task is not difficult anyway, just download the application, read the website, or follow the event held by cashtree. Cashtree is not a new app, nor is it a legacy application. Cashtree only one year stand but now cashtree has become the most popular pulse-producing app in playstore.

This is evident from users who have reached 5 million users. The pulse-generating app in the playstore is very much but I think cashtree is best known. That was a bit about cashtree.

Then How Are Steps to Generate Free Toll from Cashtree?

The first step, you must first download the application here.

Once installed, please open the application. Usually cashtree will detect the number you use automatically. If not detected automatically, please enter the number to be used to receive credit for free by clicking on the icon provider in the top right.

Remember somebody, if my friend uses dual sim android phone, only one number will be detected. Usually the number in SIM 1 will be used. The number already entered means that buddy is ready to use cashtree application if

Above, I discussed not much about how to get free pulse from cashtree. Now we will discuss how the details are. In cashtree application, every job that we do will get reward point. The cashtree team used to call it cashpoint.

Well, this is cashpoint that can be redeemed for free. When you first sign up, you will get 1000 free cashpoint incentives. Next there is another cashpoint drawing called lucky chance. In lucky chance you get a chance to get five hundred to 1 million cash points for free.


Just click the lucky chance banner that is at the top, wait a few seconds can deh cashpoint bonus again. Collect some more cashpoints to be redeemed for free.

Here, I love to know how to cashpoint cashpoint quickly, see below:

Download Application

Just like other pulse-generating apps, cashtree also provides some downloadable apps to get cashpoint. The cashpoint value of the app download is quite large. Usually it can be 1000 cashpoint every 1 application download.


Try if one day download 5 applications only, have 5000 pulse free tuh. Especially if download using WI-FI, can be free pulse without capital ya. But remember yes, do not just download it. Play also applications that have been downloaded for a few minutes, new cashpoint can go into your cashtree account.

Visit the Website

Because cashtree is a mobile advertising application so a lot of people are paying for their website to run in a cashtree application. Well, my friend will be rewarded cashpoint if you want to visit the website suggested by cashtree. The rewards are not very big. Usually between 140 to 350 cashpoint.


But if you just visit the website what’s hard really anyway. In addition can be cashpoint from cashtree, my friend can also read the news is updated and updated on the website. So, my friend will not kudet (less update) again.

Good thing double?

Following Quis

Cashtree may not be serious while holding this Quis. How not, cook for Quis the answer is very easy. That’s tantamount to giving cashpoint for free to membernya. This is the advantage you should use to get tens of thousands of cashpoint from cashtree.

Follow all the Quis made by cashtree. Usually every day there. Prize from Quis between 5000 to 10000 cashpoint. Very big huh? Gifts that much can be swapped directly with a free pulse without having to wait too long.

Following Event

Try reading again the title of this article. There I say cashtree is the craziest free pulse-generating app in playstore. Indeed. I say so because the event held by cashtree hadihnya very large. Not only can the pulse free but also can be a laptop, smartphone, powerbank and other attractive prizes.

Is not it crazy?

Where there are other pulse-producing applications that dare to give cashtree segede prize. I am not exaggerating, indeed the reality is like that. Cashtree events are very interesting. I used to join cashtree event to get KFC voucher worth 200ribu rupiah. If my friend more lucky again because he can free laptop from cashtree. Steady anyway.

So do not be left behind, download the Cashtree app right now because now there is a new event with a total prize of 200 million rupiah. See it:

Grand prizenya prizesya motorcycle lho plus can be free pulse worth 100ribu rupiah. Less let alone try? Already able to motor, can pulse free too. Cashtree is gokil.