7 Best Android Sound Music Player Applications

By | 19 October 2017

Some like the simplicity, there is also a likes full feature. Well, that’s why this article was created. Here you will find some of the best music player programs for android with not a few features that are not owned android music player.

Best Android Music Player Program

If you sign in to Google Play, there are many tuh music player applications that you can download freely. But the problem is, my friend does not know which program is good and which is not, which look cool and which is normal.

Cook buddy want to try all, it’s a waste of time and quota of the virtual world as well. Well, for that friend can use one of the android music player program with the best sound quality below:

1. Poweramp Music Player


From the first I have android, this music player application that I use to listen to music when saturated. Not only its many features but also its interface it loh looks beautiful and charming. You will not get bored while listening to music using the Poweramp music player.

Almost all audio formats can be played with this application such as mp3, mp4, wma, ogg, flac, tta and others. Playing music becomes easier with gapless playback, crossfade, dynamic queue and replay gain features. The sound of his bass and treble can also fit your own buddy.

If my friend does not like the appearance, can be changed according to your wishes by using the customization theme that has been provided. Less let alone try?

In my opinion, Poweramp is the most advanced android music player app in playstore.


2. Rocket Music Player


The best music player app for android that is not less interesting is the Rocket Music Player.

In addition to playing music, my friend can also play video with this application. Rocket music player also supports equalizer up to 5-band. In addition, my friend can also customize sound effects to produce beautiful music.

Rocket music player also provides various playlist tools such as dynamic playlists, playlists manager and playlist shortcuts on the homescreen to make it easy for you to play music without having to go into the application first. Cool is this android music player application?

You can download it for free on the playstore. But if you want a premium version also exists, features more sophisticated than the free.

It’s up to my friend to choose which one.


3. Phonograph Music Player


This is an android music player app that I found on the reddit forum. There are so many who recommend this app in the forum. After I try, eh it was good.

Just look at the material designnya just make a cool eye, especially the primary color and accent color we can customize it yourself so add cool deh this music player application. Phonograph actually does not have as many advanced features as other apps, but if to play music with any format can already.

Phonograph is also equipped with sleep timer and last.fm support.
Are you interested in using this best free music player app?