5 Tips on How to Use Prism Applications

By | 19 October 2017

Actually, I also just found out about this prism application from DP BBM my friends. After I tried it myself, it was really cool and the filter provided is also a lot. There are thirty-six photo filters you can choose.

Each filter used will change the photo into a pencil sketch, real painting, or paintings with a variety of styles.

How Does Prism Work?
As I mentioned earlier, the Prism application uses Artificial Intelligence to convert photos into works of art. Unlike other photo editing apps. In the Prism program you do not need to edit the photos to get the best results. The prism program itself will edit it automatically.

Before the save, so the photo that you want to edit will be uploaded to the Prism server first after the preview results will appear Well to get the best results, maximize first edit your photo using a number of tips below:

1. Tips to Accelerate Time of Application of Prism Filter


If my friend is already using this application, must be aware that the application of the filter on the photo takes a long time. This is because the photo to be edited must be first uploaded to the Prism server for processing. If the user accesses the prism again, the Prism server will slow down and automatically when the application of the prism filter will take longer.

Worse still, my friend may receive a notification like this:


Because the server is too full, the notification indicates that you will not be able to upload photos to the Prism server you should try again next time or can also use photo editing app other than Prism. If it’s like that, what should be done?

Here’s what you should do:

Use WiFi or a fast internet connection

If the virtual world connection that my friend use slowly then it takes quite a long time to process the image will be edited. Not only that, the prism server is already full marked by your friend will probably receive a notification error.

Use only WIFI or cyberspace connection that can be rely on if you want to speed up the photo editing time in Prisma Sobat can read the tips to speed up this android virtual world connection if you want

Because the user is too full, use Prism During Work Hours

Perhaps these tips sound funny but try to think, errors that occur when we upload photos to the server Prisma right Now, if we use the prism during working hours, users may be reduced because they are still busy working, so a small part that uses the program prism to edit photos.

If the user still does not mean much the speed of the server to process the application of the filter will be faster. Try these two steps to speed up the filter implementation when editing photos using the prism application.

2. Eliminate Prism Watermark

What is a watermark? Watermark is known as sebagar known by not a few people. Take a look at the photo you have edited using prism. Next to the writing or logo that is usually found on a single digital work. Well, the prism uses this right underside of course there is the inscription “PRISMA”, that’s the name watermark.


Actually this watermark is good for developers, so the application is quickly recognized. But, the edits of your photos will look less professional because there is a watermark earlier. Well, for the edited photo looks more cool and professional, try to remove the watermark.

It’s easy, just go to Settings → Then click on Watermark to disable it.


3. Do not Use Prism Camera

Prism application is equipped with congenital camera to facilitate my friend when taking photos. But, it’s just a regular camera and does not have any features, like HDR, night mode, or other features that are usually owned by standard android cameras.

To get good edits, the basic image should also be good. So, better use a camera app that already has many features to get a good basic image. After that you can edit it using Prism.

4. Set the Intensity of Edits

Once the filter is successfully applied, you can adjust the intensity of the edited result by shifting the image right or left.

Normally, the intensity of the image applied by the Prism is 100%. The filter effect will look very clear.


On the left the intensity of 50%, right intensity 100%
If my friend does not like excessive effects, just reduce it by swiping the image to the left. Usually a little effect alone is enough to make the photo look cool.

5. Save Image Automatically

This feature is very useful if you like to edit photos using Prism application. If you enable this feature, then all images will be saved automatically after applying the filter to the image.

You can edit it again