5 Best Chattingan (Instant Messenger) Apps on Android

By | 19 October 2017

There is not a bit of messenger program in google play that you can use to send text messages and pictures if my friend use android Origin download yes, but do not Choose only the best and lightest messenger program for android friend so when used do not make your android buddy so slow.

Below are some of the best messenger apps you can use to send text or picture messages.


Just use the telegram if you want a messenger application that has a high level of security

Message confidentiality is greatly maintained by this messenger app. Besides, this app also gives group chat feature up to 200 people, so this feature will make it easier for my friend to chat with all school friends or friends office.

All devices that support telegram applications used all messages sent via telegram will be stored in the cloud telegram so that my friend can access it easily.

Blackberry Messenger (BBM)


If for example BBM can only be used in HP Blackberry, surely now this application is extinct.

Fortunately the BBM application developers are moving quickly and willing to provide this application for android, so now BBM is becoming very popular and I’m sure this messenger application is already used by all android users. I also use this messenger app.

The features are many. There are voice calls, time messages, send locations, send pictures directly after photos, and more. You must lose if you do not use Blackberry messenger yet.



In a way, Line is the best messenger app for young people. Seen from the user interfacenya, features stickers, young people really deh anyway. Line is not just a messenger app to send plain text messages. You can make video calls with this app can even play games with friends in the line application. Less what to try? The popular fuel alone can not be used for video calls, line can already.

You can download this app for free on the playstore, but in the application line there are also paid features such as, if my friend wants to get a message directly from the official account of celebrities that my friend likes, well buddy must pay for it.

Line is the perfect choice for a young soul buddy.

Facebook Messenger


Looks like I do not have to bother explaining the messenger application on this one. Yes, because its popularity has exceeded other messenger applications. Since Facebook removes the messaging feature of its main app (facebook), you must use Messenger if you want to send a private message to your friend. Facebook Messenger supports group chat, photo or video sharing, and even have stickers too.

This application can also be used for video calls, so if you want to see the faces of old friends, just use a video call on facebook messenger. Maybe there are still some more reasons why should install facebook messenger in android pal. Not just because of the video call feature, or the popularity of the facebook name.

If my friend has not used facebook messenger, I suggest to install now.



Simple, fast, and lightweight, that’s WhatsApp. Although it looks very simple, but people like this messenger application. The proof WhatsApp already in use by 1 billion people.

I am sure, people who have android definitely use this messenger application. In addition to simple, whatsapp is also easy to use. You do not have to bother entering PIN to add contact list.

All numbers on your phone contact list will automatically be included in your contacts list of whatsApp. Send any message can use WhatsApp. Voice messages, text, images, even for voice calls. But there is one thing that is very unfortunate, whatsApp has not provided video call feature.

Maybe in the next update the video call feature will be embedded in WhatsApp. Hopefully yes … !!!

Well, that was some of the best messenger apps for android. Everything can be downloaded for free on Playstore.